Web interface of the ATLas based LIGAnd binding ediTOR

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Image of a protein structure complex
                     containing a protein and a peptide ligand in cartoon representation.

Collections of PDB structures providing the input for the generation of atlases and the discovery of pockets.



Image of an Atlas visualized with Ca and
                     Cbeta coordinates of ligand and binder residues

Discover pair-wise interaction patterns between amino acid residues, forming the basis for pocket discovery and binder design.



Image of a pocket visualized with
                    all atoms

Discover, inspect, and annotate binding pockets automatically discovered by an atlas based itemset analysis.



Image of a protein structure binding
                    a peptide ligand.

Define scaffold PDB structures for the pocket-based or manual design of novel binders for given ligands.

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Image of a protein-peptide complex with
                     detailed interactions sites highlighted.

Utilize the knowledge of atlases and pockets for the design of novel binders.

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